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How East Suffolk Bikes started

Our History

With extensive experience road racing to an international level I have been immersed in bikes my entire life. Whilst racing I was asked by many if I could "take a look" at their bike and subsequently get them back on the road again. This is where I realised how scarce trusted local bike shops are in our area... the birth of East Suffolk Bikes. 
East Suffolk Bikes began in 2015 as 'Chris' Bike Repairs' and rode off being known as the cyclist who fixes bikes. Obviously this had limited scope and in 2020, once graduated from the University of Bath the catchment area expanded and now includes home collection and delivery to serve a wider community in getting back on their bikes... the birth of East Suffolk Bikes. 
When road racing to a high level you really know how an immaculate and fully functioning bike should look and work. I aspire to transfer the meticulous attention to detail from cleaning and servicing my race bikes onto yours. Not only do I want to get your bikes from going from A to B, but I want it to be a smooth, enjoyable and fast ride for you!

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